Newark Broad Street - Based on Transit

Newark Broad Street

July 21, 2021

Before we get to Newark Broad Street, I have to tell the story of why I was there. From the last post, you know that I went to NYC recently, and traveled out to South Orange to visit Seton Hall University. It was easy for us to get there from our hotel in midtown Manhattan, just take NJT from Penn Station. We did that going there.

But coming back was a different story.

Our date of travel was July 17, 2021. That was a Saturday. It rained hard, and I mean hard. Parts of New Jersey saw multiple inches of rainfall that day. And we were on the train.

Leaving South Orange, our 2:48 train arrived a bit late, actually showing up between 3:10 and 3:15. This was apparently due to a crossing gate issue.

All went smoothly until we hit Newark Broad Street. We were still delayed from the earlier issue. We also hit a stop signal at Broad Street. The operator of the train expected the signal to change shortly, but it didn't. That's when things started to change. I've included timestamps with all of the following photographs.

Rain coming down on the platform. (3:38 pm)

The rain has calmed down. (4:03 pm)

At around 4:05 - 4:10, passengers were told that there was a power issue with the signal, and that all train tickets would be cross-honored on all other NJT services to help passengers make their journeys.

Our plan was to catch the 108 bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. After checking the Transit app, it looked like the 108 bus was being held at Broad Street to help passengers get back to New York. We walked outside the station, and there was no 108 bus.

View from the platform at Broad Street. (4:09 pm)

We needed a backup plan, which was catching a train from Newark Penn Station. We saw two busses pull up going to Newark Penn, but those two quickly filled up with passengers. So we got an Uber for $25. While waiting for that Uber, a third bus pulled up.

The station from outside. (4:11 pm)

Our Uber arrived, and our journey continued.


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Heli on July 21, 2021 at 10:09 pm: oof, bad luck. glad you got home okay