Newark Penn Station - Based on Transit

Newark Penn Station

July 22, 2021

This is the third part to the Jersey trip and our delays getting out. In my own words from earlier today, "Jersey kept us in Jersey by flooding Jersey."

Our journey continued when we got in our overpriced Uber across Newark. The trip took about ten minutes to complete. While sitting in that Uber, me and my dad made our plan to get back to Manhattan. We had two options: Either get an NJT train back to New York Penn Station, or take PATH to the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. I opened the Transit app to see that the PATH was 9 minutes away, with the next NJT train 45 minutes away. The decision was clear: Get the PATH.

We arrived at Newark Penn Station and made our way to the PATH platform to catch the next train, which was scheduled to depart in just a few minutes.

A flag hanging in the entrance area of the station.

The station's departure board. PATH is not included here.

PATH trains usually depart on a platform between Tracks 1 and 2. The signs pointed us that way, and we walked down Track 1 to buy tickets, and then to the PATH platform.

The view down Track 1. (I know it's not a great picture.)

Different eras of signage all hang along Track 1.

But hold on, do you see that sign? We initially missed it, but there was another one at the normal PATH entrance. All PATH trains were departing off Platform H, located on the upper level of the station.

We then had to go back into the main concourse and find Platform H and the escalators by McDonalds. It wasn't a far walk, but we ended up missing the train we wanted to catch. PATH trains ran every 20 minutes that day, and when we arrived on Platform H, the next one was in 18 minutes.

The view from Platform H.

An exit off of Platform H heading back down to the other tracks. The older signage and architecture adds to the appeal.

When we got to Platform H, it was fairly empty because a train had just departed. After our 18 minute wait, the platform was packed with passengers getting on PATH.

Our journey continues with one final post.....


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Heli on July 22, 2021 at 9:38 pm: oo cool! i guess you could say... you took the wrong path