1: Eddy / Hope / Benefit

July 30, 2021

Okay.... I've now gotten into the last piece of explaining what the hell I'm doing with this blog. Talking about bus routes without riding the bus itself. I've decided to start with RIPTA because I've already ranted about it before, it is fairly small, and I'm familiar with Rhode Island.

The 1 is a route that RIPTA classifies as "high frequency". The schedule reflects that fairly well. Let's dive in with the weekday schedule.

Going northbound, trips take 1 of the 2 variations of the route. One trip goes from TF Green Airport to the Pawtucket Transit Center. The other goes from the Warwick Ave Shaw's to the Market Basket in South Attleboro. Trips alternate, so a trip to Pawtucket goes, the next one is for South Attleboro, then Pawtucket, and so forth.

Trips depart TF Green every 40 minutes from 5:56 am to 10:35 pm (not exact but it works). Those continue to the Warwick Ave Shaw's, where variation 2 departs every 40 minutes from 5:47 am to 6:27 pm. That means that Shaw's gets a service every 20 minutes.

South Attleboro-bound trips stop at the Slater Mill and Benefit & Broadway instead of the Pawtucket Transit Center. Pawtucket-bound trips do not stop at these two stops.

South Attleboro-bound trips also make two stops at Shaw's. One is on the street, and the other I'm assuming is in front the store. This is scheduled to take 0 minutes. Why does this exist?

After the 6:27 pm departure to South Attleboro, all trips run the Pawtucket-bound variant every 40 minutes.

Same variations and frequencies occur Warwick-bound as well. Trips start at 5:49 am from Pawtucket and 5:58 am from South Attleboro, running until the 6:36 pm from South Attleboro and the 11:08 pm from Pawtucket.

Saturdays, South Attleboro trips stop at the Pawtucket Transit Center, but only trips starting at Pawtucket go to TF Green. Service runs every 80 - 90 minutes to South Attleboro and TF Green (40 - 45 in the middle). Only southbound though, as northbound trips skip Pawtucket. Same goes for Sundays, but service ends a little earlier. Saturday ends around 10 pm, with Sunday ending around 9 pm.

The trip from TF Green to Pawtucket takes about 1 hour, and Shaw's to South Attleboro takes about 1 hour as well.

The route sees an average of 3,964 passengers on weekdays, with an estimated 2,141 on Saturdays and 1,070 on Sundays.


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Heli on July 31, 2021 at 7:41 am: cool! i would add ridership, pros and cons and suggestions and stuff but it's still really good