The Deal with Comments

August 20, 2021

Okay, this isn't much of a transit-related post, but more of a update on the blog itself.

I did share this on the Miles in Transit Discord yesterday (albeit at 1:20 am), but it's time to actually write an official announcement post.

There's a new feature to this blog, and that is comments.

Comments don't work the same way here as they do on Wordpress or Blogger. That's because of how I created this blog as a bunch of HTML pages with a handcoded backend editor.

How do you submit a comment? It's really easy. There are two ways of doing it. For those on the Miles in Transit Discord, just reply to the message I post when a new post is out with your comment (please include a note that says it's for the comments). Alternatively, email your comment to me at [email protected]. If you would like, you may include a screen name to be attached to your comment. Otherwise, I'll just use your Discord nickname or the sender name in your email.

That's it!