33: Union Station - Spencer - Brookfield

September 30, 2021

Remember the 29 and how it was wack that it went all the way to Southbridge? Well the WRTA also has the 33 going out to Brookfield.

The 33 runs from Worcester and goes west on Route 9 through the towns of Leicester, Spencer, East Brookfield, and Brookfield.

The bus runs every hour from 4:50 am from Worcester to Spencer. Only four trips in each direction go all the way to East Brookfield and Brookfield, and they arrive in East Brookfield at 5:35 am, 7:35 am, 6:06 pm, and 7:06 pm. They depart a few minutes later. The rest of the trips short-turn at Spencer Center or the East Brookfield Cumberland Farms. The route takes about an hour between Brookfield and Worcester.

Why does this even exist? It's nice to see bus service to Brookfield, but who is going from Brookfield to Worcester at 5:30 in the morning. I get that people could be commuting to Worcester, but I think the WRTA is trying to time it with trains to Boston. Who is commuting from Brookfield to Boston (or even points between)?

It would be nice to see the Brookfield service expanded throughout the day, as the current schedule makes almost no sense. It's also nice to see that the WRTA is providing early morning service to such remote places in the area.


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