171: Logan Aiport - Nubian Station

October 24, 2021

I haven't really talked about MBTA stuff on here. That's because it's a massive system. I've got to start somewhere, and that starting point will be the 171.

Out of all the MBTA's bus routes, the 171 is the weirdest. This route runs two trips per day only in one direction. And very early in the morning.

The first of the two trips departs Nubian at 3:50 am and makes its way around the area until reaching Andrew at 4:02 am. The bus runs express from Andrew until reaching all the Logan Airport terminals between 4:16 and 4:23 am before continuing on to the Airport station on the Blue Line at 4:28 am.

The other trip leaves Nubian at 4:20 am and repeats the same process until arriving at the Blue Line station at 4:58 am.

Is that already weird enough? Well it gets weirder. Both 171 trips are actually just variants of the 15 signed as the 171. Both trips leave St. Peter's Square at 3:29 am and 3:59 am and continue on as the 171 when reaching Nubian 10 minutes later. The 28's first two trips also connect with the 171.

It does seem like a good way to get to the airport early in the morning though.


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