Merchandise Mart

December 18, 2021

I recently went to Chicago for two days. In the middle of December. Chicago has a really extensive transit network built around the “L”, the elevated trains that go through the city. But Ben, didn’t you say that this blog only covers stuff in the Northeast? Chicago is in the Midwest. Yes, but I might be moving to Chicago in 2022, so I’m letting it pass.

Our (me and my dad) second train journey (our first was from O’Hare to the hotel that morning) started at Merchandise Mart. The station is served by Brown Line trains all day and Purple Line trains during rush hour.

A look down the platform.

The station has two side platforms which are actually quite wide. I like it. The CTA’s countdown clocks are also pretty cool and very informative, showing service changes as well.

The station sign. The numbers on the side represent where the station is in relation to Chicago’s street grid.

The entrance / exit we came through.

The station is named after the adjacent commercial building, where the main entrance to the station is located. Additional entrances lead directly to the street, but only have one two-way turnstile.

The tracks curve just north of the station.

Our Loop-bound train enters the station.


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