10x: North Scituate Park-n-Ride

January 22, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at a RIPTA route, but here I am again with another RIPTA express route. The 10x is just as bad as the other ones. My friend Cedric - the one that I did the Rhode Island Intrastate Rail post with – had written a post on his now-defunct blog, The Providence Planner. (Quite a shame that’s it’s gone, but he’s working on another blog to come soon.) Cedric actually wrote his 10x post as a guest post for Miles in Transit in late June 2021, but it got rejected. Cedric gave this route a 3 out of 10 (I don’t give scores because they’ll end up being completely biased). That’s enough for the off topic rant.

First annoyance is the “Park-n-Ride” naming. Damn it RIPTA, using the out of date “-n-” stuff. Just call it a “Park and Ride”. (That’s just me bugging over a minor annoyance though.)

The route, just like most of the other express routes, runs peak hours only on weekdays. The 10x only runs one trip in each direction, departing inbound at 7:10 am and departing outbound at 5:04 pm. The route is scheduled to take about 40 minutes each way out to the Chopmist Hill Fire Station in Scituate.

The route does serve the main “downtown” of Scituate, albeit at 7 am and 5 pm. With no way back.

For ridership, the 10x is the least-used express and the least-used non-Flex route, receiving an average of 20 riders per day. But for two trips a day, that’s not bad considering that Scituate is a rural town where 93% of the town drives alone to work.


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