112: Wellington Station - Wood Island Station

February 3, 2022

In my last post on RIPTA’s 63, I mentioned that the 63 has similarities with the MBTA’s 112, and that I would do a post on it. Well here I go. This is the post for the 112.

And this is, something. Let me put a map in.

The current routing of the 112.

The route starts at Wellington, where it meets other bus routes, as well as the Orange Line. The route travels east into Everett and on its first deviation towards the Quigley Hospital. The route proceeds to continue into Chelsea to the new commuter rail station before beginning its second deviation to serve Admirals Way. It proceeds back towards the center of Chelsea, serving Bellingham Square on the SL3. It proceeds down Central Ave to stop at the Eastern Avenue stop on the SL3 before continuing to its eastern terminus at Wood Island on the Blue Line.

This route has some issues with its crazy routings. There’s two deviations and a loop around the Bellingham Square area. Somebody should have really taken a look at this routing when the SL3 and new Chelsea commuter rail station opened. This can be fixed.

My proposed changes to the 112 result in the sections in red being cut.

Quigley Hospital deviation: While being served directly by the 112, Quigley Hospital is actually closer to the 116 and 117 than it is to the main routing of the 112 (along Everett Ave). It is a shorter deviation for either the 116 or 117 to make. The 116 and 117 do run close to the SL3 and 112 if passengers need to head towards Chelsea or Wellington.

Bellingham Square loop: What is the point of serving both Chelsea and Bellingham Square stations now? The commuter rail station was already rebuilt and opened when the latest schedule change occurred in December. Instead of taking the 112, passengers can opt to use a free transfer to travel along the more direct SL3.

Eastern Ave to Wood Island: While it is good to have a connection between Chelsea and the Blue Line, the SL3 is already doing that job on a dedicated right of way for most of the journey. The only difference is that the 112 serves Wood Island, while the SL3 serves Airport. They are one stop apart, and other Chelsea area bus routes (114, 116, 117) serve Maverick.


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