February 6, 2022

After leaving Back Bay, me and my brother were planning on going somewhere else, but plans changed (for the better result actually) and we ended up in East Boston. More specifically, Maverick station and the area around it.

I found Maverick to be a fairly nice station. Very clean and very quiet as well on a Saturday night. The single island platform at Maverick was very wide. The station has two entrances and exits. We used the smaller one on the southern end to get in and out. I know the other one had a cool electornic map of the line, not sure if it's still there though.

When we were leaving the station, I noticed that the countdown clocks for Bowdoin-bound trains were not working. I had thought that the Blue Line wasn't running for some reason. A check on Twitter didn't give me any answers though. Shortly after, a Blue Line train had pulled into the station taking us back downtown, and to our next destination.

The very wide platform viewed from the Bowdoin-bound side.

Our train back downtown pulls into the station.

The view we came here for!

Thanks to my friend Eric for pointing out to me that Maverick used to be a major trolley hub as well as a subway station, with cross-platform transfers between trolleys and trains.


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