North Station

February 8, 2022

After a series of events that became the last three posts on this blog, our final stop before heading back home was supposed to be our first stop. That stop is North Station (or just outside it).

North Station is one of Boston's main train terminals (the other being South Station, which I have visited before, just never wrote a post on it because I thought it was too big of a station for me to cover yet). Commuter Rail, Amtrak, Orange Line, and Green Line trains all stop here. Me and my brother's visit only allowed us to see the Orange and Green Line platforms, but this is my blog, I can cover North Station again if I want.

We ended up going outside though (did you seriously think that my brother would be the kind of person to want to ride trains around all afternoon?), and we got to see the grand entrance to the Commuter Rail and Amtrak portion of the station.

The grand entrance as viewed from across the street. This is really nice.

Inside the entrance.

The area around North Station was fairly bustling for a cold Saturday night in February. Everything looks like new construction as well.

Outside. The "grand entrance" can be seen with the blue lights at it. The entrance to the Orange and Green Lines can be seen on the left next to the CVS.

The rapid transit portion of the station doesn't get as grand of an entrance, but is really nice inside. Forest Hills-bound Orange Line trains and westbound Green Line trains actually stop at the same platform, allowing for easy cross-platform transfers between the two. The Oak Grove-bound Orange Line platform is on the opposite side of the Orange Line tracks, but it is a quick walk away. The Northbound (currently closed though) Green Line platform is on the upper level of the station, closest to the fare gates we went through.

Looking down the Oak Grove-bound Orange Line platform.

A cool view down the Orange Line tunnel towards Haymarket and Forest Hills.

It's a new train again! Much better photo than the one at Back Bay.


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