February 7, 2022

State station is one of the T's downtown transfer stations, between the Orange and Blue Lines. Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to leave this station, as both times I ended up here on Saturday was to transfer between the Blue and Orange Lines.

The Orange Line platform (the Oak Grove-bound one, I didn't visit the Forest Hills-bound one) wasn't bad. I could hear the train towards Forest Hills arriving while waiting for mine. I unfortunately didn't get any photos on this platform.

To get to the Blue Line, there's both a ramp and a set of stairs. Me and my brother ran between the Orange Line and Blue Line to get to Maverick. In his words, we were "speedrunning Boston". I actually really liked the Blue Line platforms. This section of the station was renovated about 10 years ago, and is really clean.

The Bowdoin-bound Blue Line platform, as viewed from the Wonderland-bound side.

Silver columns with white tops line both platforms, and there's even an area at the end of the Wonderland-bound platform near the hallway to the Orange Line where you can look into the tunnel.

The tunnel goes towards Government Center and Bowdoin. This might look really cool if there was a train coming. I should've spent our 6 minute wait for a Blue Line train getting ready to take a photo of it coming in.

When we were on the Blue Line coming back from Maverick, I noticed that the annoucements said "State Street" instead of "State", neat quirk there.


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