The Sights from Transit

April 28, 2022

Every year, my school hosts an arts show for the arts students to show off their hard work throughout the school year. As a photographer, this is my second year being invited to showcase my own work. After the events of my recent school retreat, where I first came out as a transit nerd to a number of my friends and classmates, I chose to submit a handful of my transit photos to the show.

These sixteen photos were taken between July 2021 and March 2022 and revolve around the title of the whole collection, “The Sights from Transit.” These photos are of the stations I’ve visited, the views I’ve seen while on transit, and all these places are accessible by transit. Eight of these are being displayed at the show. Those displayed are marked as being so.

Me and my dad have just turned around due to a derailment on the Queens-bound E, so we had to return to Manhattan via the 7. I took that walk back to take a few photos around Court Sq, where I caught this view waiting for our train.

Me and my mom were on our way back home from our day trip to NYC, and we had a short connection on the LIRR at Jamaica. We still had enough time to walk up onto the bridge over the platforms (we had a cross-platform transfer, I never fail to pull a trick when visiting NYC), where I caught this glimpse of the streets of busy Jamaica below.

Me and my dad were in Chicago for two days, and while walking from our hotel to Millennium Park (where the bean is), we passed under State / Lake station. The views under elevated train stations are quite nice!

We were on a Loop-bound train crossing the Chicago River when I looked over and saw this view. I was originally slightly disappointed that I wasn't on the other side of the train (because that is one hell of a view), but in retrospect, it's awesome that I was able to catch it with the rest of the car in view. An all-time favorite of mine! (Displayed.)

I cheated a bit with this one. I saw this junction on Google Maps and held my phone to the slightly dirty window of the train and just... waited. This was just after the river photo, and this was so well-timed! An all-time favorite photo of mine. (Displayed.)

There are three things with this photo. 1. That clock is wrong. My phone says that the photo was taken at 1:51. 2. Me and the other transit nerds recently had a debate over how to spell "buses" (is it "buses" or "busses"?), so I took this photo to prove the CTA uses "buses" (which I use). 3. This is Fullerton! DePaul is right here around the station, so of course, I had to include this station in the showcase! (Displayed.)

We went to Wrigley Field to see a lot of action, and as we were waiting for our train to continue north along the Red Line, I took a photo of the views from the elevated platform at Addison. This is the view east, the view west includes Wrigley.

The Purple Line is not a very busy transit line on a Saturday afternoon in December, huh. We got on at the first stop and happened to be in the last car. The CTA's trains have a window in the car that allows passengers to see into the cab, and through to the back of the train. I took this photo as soon as I saw this interesting perspective.

Back at State / Lake (this time within the fare gates), we waited for our second-to-last train ride before our flight home. That was kind of a long wait, but the winter sun was just setting that afternoon and I had got a great view with some great lighting. This is another all-time favorite of mine (three this trip!). (Displayed.)

Me and my brother were in Boston one late afternoon to get photos for his photojournalism class. We had just gotten off our train from Grafton and we walked up the stairs leading directly outside. I stopped in the middle of the narrow Boston sidewalk to grab this photo. (Displayed.)

We were waiting for our Blue Line train at State when I noticed that I can actually see down the tracks from the eastbound platform (now this is looking west). It made for a really cool view. I should've gotten a photo of our train coming into the station, but I didn't.

At State, both platforms have these cool support columns and unique tiling, so I looked across the tracks and grabbed this photo of an empty section of the westbound platform. (Displayed.)

We made it to North Station, where we were walking to a viewpoint over the Zakim Bridge, and walked by this grand entrance to North Station. This is so large that I was standing on the sidewalk across the street and leaning back to get everything in the frame! (Displayed.)

We were waiting for the first of two trains to take us home from North Station. I had noticed that I could get a great view down the Orange Line tunnel with other parts of the station making a frame around it. (Displayed.)

Me and my friend went to Worcester's train station (which is absolutely gorgeous). We walked outside the station to start walking around downtown Worcester, when I chose to run across four lanes of traffic to get a view of the station's facade from across the street. The bus was a pleasant surprise, but I decided to include the bus in the photo instead of waiting for it to pass.

Me and my friend ended up walking around downtown Worcester. As we were walking back to the train station, I checked Google Maps to actually get us back, when I noticed that Worcester City Hall was right near where we were and slightly out of the way (but we had time). I had never seen Worcester City Hall before, and it is beautiful (and served by transit)!


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