25: Union Station - Webster Square via Canterbury Street

May 26, 2022

The WRTA has a lot of different options for travel between Union Station and Webster Square, located in the southwest of Worcester. The 19 is really good, the 33 has its pros and cons, I haven't discussed the 27 yet, and the 25 just goes a different way.

The 25 starts at Union Station and follows the 42 briefly down Southbridge St. The route then proceeds down Canterbury St until reaching Cambridge St, where the route turns to bring it to Webster Square to meet the 19, 27, and 33 also coming from Union Station, along with the 8 running along Park Ave. That's a really simple routing, and serves additional areas not served by the 19, 27, or 33 along Main St.

With plenty of options along Main St to get to Webster Square with good frequency, the 25 must have a good schedule if a second routing to Webster Square is warranted, right? The 25 runs hourly on weekdays only. Service starts at 6:15 am and runs until 8:15 pm outbound, and between 6:45 am and 8:45 pm inbound. Every hour at the same time. Bonus points I guess for making it depart each end at a nice 15 past and 45 past the hour. The route does not see any Saturday or Sunday service at all. Canterbury St is definitely a residential street, unlike Main St which has most of Worcester's lively businesses and Clark University located right along the routing of the 19, 27, and 33.

Final thoughts - like the 7, the 25 primarily serves residential areas near other WRTA routes. The route is similar to most other WRTA routes, with service running hourly for about 14 - 15 hours a day. A big downside is the lack of weekend service. Even though the 25 runs only a third of a mile from Main St, there are only a few walking paths between Canterbury and Main Streets due to the freight (and twice a day Amtrak, one each way) railroad located between the two streets.

Posted: May 28, 2022 02:12


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