14: Union Station - Showcase Cinemas via Burncoat St

June 6, 2022

Remember that closed cinema from the 30? Well, it turns out the WRTA terminates the 14 there as well.

The 14 is an eastern route to Quinsigamond Community College, pretty similar to how the 25 works, different route to the same place. The 14 starts paralelling the 23 and 26 along Lincoln Street before the 14 turns onto Burncoat Street, part of the route's namesake. The route follows Burncoat St all the way to Quinsigamond Community College, passing through a large residential area. The route briefly parallels the 30 and 31 along West Bolyston St, before turning towards the closed cinema where the 14 terminates. Some 14 trips terminate at Porter and Chester, which is located right across the street from the former cinema.

The route, for most of the year, has a good schedule. That's right, we've got a seasonal schedule like the PVTA's 45! Between June and August, a number of trips in the mid-day do not operate. During the summer, the route runs with hourly frequencies between 7 am and 9 pm on weekdays. However, when it is not summer, the 14 has half hourly frequencies between 10 am and 3 pm, and then hourly frequencies all other times (7 - 10 am and 3 - 9 pm). There is no weekend service on the 14.

Final thoughts - I assume that the additional service during the not-summer is due to QCC and Burncoat students needing to get to and from school. If so, it's great that the WRTA is prioritzing transit access to and from schools. In addition to the 14, the 30 and 31 serve QCC as well. Not a terrible route by WRTA standards, but not a really good one either. Yeah I don't have much about the 14.

Posted: Jun 7, 2022 23:56


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