September 16, 2022

I rode the Yellow Line. Why? My friend said that I should. About a week after I was told to ride the Yellow Line, I found myself with an entire afternoon free to take a transit joyride, which included the Yellow Line, only because I found myself at Howard with plently of time left in the day. The Yellow Line is the CTA's shortest line, with only three stops, and it only operates using two-car trains.

Dempster-Skokie is the western terminus of the Yellow Line, and is quite unique for a CTA terminal station. Most CTA terminal stations (except for Howard, more coming when I write a post on Howard) have multiple platforms where trains both arrive on and depart from. Dempster-Skokie, however, has a departure-only platform and an arrival-only platform.

The arrival-only platform. Note that there aren't any faregates between the platform and the parking lot. (If you're into watching trains and stuff, this isn't a bad spot.)

Fun fact - This is the furthest north CTA station in the Chicago street grid, at 8800 N. (Evanston has a separate street grid used on Purple Line signs.)

The entrance to the station is on the other side of the tracks from the parking lot. (Trains run on the right, even in the terminal station here.) This is one of the large handful of grade crossings on the CTA, and is only one of two non-revenue grade crossings on the CTA (the other being just west of 54th / Cermak on the Pink Line).

The station, like other terminal stations, has a number of bus connections and a dedicated busway. Connections are available to the 54A, 97, 210, and 250. I took the 97 to my next destination from here (coming in another post).

Posted: Sep 16, 2022 21:01


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