September 26, 2022

Another Brown Line station, huh? All of your CTA posts have been on stations served by the Brown Line. Well, I like the Brown Line, that's why. This time it's Diversey, two stops north of Armitage, which I've already covered. Diversey is at 2800 N and 1000 W in the street grid. Purple Line express trains also stop here when they are running.

Diversey... looks pretty similar to Armitage. That's not a particularly bad thing, as the elevated Brown Line stations are quite nice and not a bad place to wait for a train... whenever that train may come (Brown Line and frequencies just don't go well... trains kinda just come whenever they want to). Diversey is skipped by Red Line trains, so Red Line trains use the center tracks through the station. Part of the platform is partially sheltered, a standard for the Brown Line.

Unlike Armitage (and some other Brown Line stations I haven't posted about yet), Diversey actually has countdown clocks on its platforms. I hope more of the Brown Line stations get these, they're pretty useful to have at platform level.

The platforms at Diversey.

The Brown Line has some really close together stops. You can see Wellington (and even Belmont in the far background) in this photo.

Diversey is accessible! They did a really good job with the architecture here. The elevator is surrounded by a small brick structure, which emphasizes itself and stands out on the platform, but not too much. It also provides additional covered space along the platform. (Fun little fact - the wheelchair person is always pointing towards the elevator at any CTA stop.)

Diversey also has an indoor station building (which are common throughout the CTA) containing fare gates, ticket machines, and the main entrance / exit to Diversey Parkway.

Coming off of the elevator from the northbound platform, the fare gates are right there.

This is the staircase to the northbound platform, located right next to the elevator, and is also right in front of the fare gates. They make it easy with this station. The sign for Loop-bound trains have an out-of-frame arrow, the station is symmetrical at this point, and fare gates form a V.

Connection is there to the 76 bus along Diversey, and that's it.

Also, Diversey has a great view of the Sears Tower. (it's the Sears Tower! You've lived here for four weeks.)

There is nothing interesting about these planters. Why did I take a photo of these? Whatever, it's going on this blog.

Posted: Sep 26, 2022 21:42


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