Harold Washington Library

September 12, 2022

"Howard Washington Library, State and Van Buren, is next. Doors open on the right at Howard Washington Library, State and Van Buren. Transfer to Red and Blue Line trains at Howard Washington Library, State and Van Buren", the three of us said in unison with the PA annoucement on our Pink Line train. "This is Howard Washington..." we continued after the PA's brief pause. (For the best annoucement experience, take the Brown Line during the peak when the Purple Line Express is running.)

Howard Washington Library, State and -- you know what, I'm just going to call it Howard Washington Library for this post -- is one of the eight stations that make up the "Loop". It is my second favorite of these eight as well, due to it's design and green roof.

The station's green roof exists in two sections - one at the Dearborn St end, and the larger portion by the main State St exit. The Dearborn St end is exit only, all passengers must enter by State St.

Howard Washington Library does have transfers to the Red and Blue Lines, but are techincally out-of-system, where one can get a free transfer with a Ventra card to Jackson station located a block away.

One thing about this portion of the Loop - only the Brown Line runs counterclockwise here, so the sign on this platform only has the brown color. Also, State and Van Buren is more of a secondary name referencing the intersection that the station is located at, like the other Loop stops.

This station is also really close to LaSalle / Van Buren, which is why the announcement is better coming in on the Brown Line.

Looking north over Dearborn St. The sign on the clockwise platform recommends that passengers use the State St exit to reach the Red and Blue Lines, but an entrance to the Red and Blue Lines is visible on the left side of the street (that entrance is quicker to reach the Blue Line).

A look south over Dearborn St, with the historic Dearborn Station located at the end of the street a few blocks away.

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