Garfield (Red Line)

October 3, 2022

Hold on, how did I end up on the South Side of Chicago? Welcome to this next series of posts, covering one day of adventures around Chicago I did with two of my friends - Stormy and Caleb. You should check out their YouTube channels. The three of us met up in early September and did a scavenger hunt, travelling to various locations around the city using transit (and yes, everything is transit accessible if you include walking). This post is releasing alongside the scavenger hunt's YouTube video on Caleb's channel (which you should watch before reading these posts).

Our first destination was the site of the first nuclear chain reaction in the world, which was located on the campus of the University of Chicago. From where we started our adventure, there were a couple of different routes we could have taken. We opted to take the Red Line to Garfield, and catch a 55 bus from there. Well this post is just on Garfield.

Garfield is the typical Red Line station within the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway. It is just one island platform and can be an unpleasant place to wait for a train.

What other way is the Red Line?

The station (along with others along the Dan Ryan) was renovated in 2013, so it makes sense that the station is fully accessible. There is a small indoor area above the tracks and the highway, which is at street level. It's kind of small, but it might be a decent place to wait. I'm not sure.

The faregates and exit to the station. That is Stormy on the left and Caleb (filming Stormy) on the right. Prepare to see those two a bit throughout the upcoming posts.

Connections - uhh, the 55 which we got.

Posted: Oct 2, 2022 23:34


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