About the Editor

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Eliot (formerly, but also, Ben), I currently live in central Massachusetts, but will be moving to Chicago, Illinois in August 2022. I currently aspire to be a transit planner in the future. I enjoy riding transit when I get the opportunity to, but my main interest with transit is how routes and stops are planned out.

I was born on October 17, 2003 (age 18) in Massachusetts and I've been a transit nerd since I was very young, falling in love with both the MBTA in Boston and the MTA in New York City. I'm also a filmmaker and photographer. I use they/he pronouns.

My only prior experience with anything related to this was when I wrote a guest post on the popular blog "Miles in Transit", and my guest post was on the Grafton MBTA station, which I have also wrote about on this blog when it started in July 2021.

You can follow me on Twitter at @itsbenchase.

Any questions or comments? Email me at [email protected].

Why? Just why?

(I may have a catchphrase here of "Why? Just why?")

Why do I write a transit blog? What made me write one?

The first question is an easy one for me to answer - I enjoy it. Even if I only put a few minutes of effort into this each time, it's something for me to talk about with people like Cedric (the guy behind Stroadsblog RI). I might even be able to use this to my advantage in the future, you never know.

The second one, however, is slightly harder. There are a few others I know who also write similar blogs. I always enjoy reading these other blogs, and I have a slight bit of experience, so I just went with it.

Below is a list of related blogs and YouTube channels from some friends of mine that I fully recommend for any reader of On the Rails.

Miles in Transit by Miles. My guest post in September 2019 was what inspired me to write about what I like here. Miles is a great person and puts great content on his blog and YouTube channel of the same name.

Stroadsblog RI by Cedric. Cedric was the one who collaborated with me on the Rhode Island Instrastate Rail post with me in August 2021. Cedric's blog has more in-depth content about RIPTA and Rhode Island and he put far more effort into his posts than I do. Unfortunately, The Providence Planner went defunct in January 2022, but returned that May as Stroadsblog RI.

Trainably by Eric. Eric doesn't really post that often on his blog, but whenever he does, it's a quality post. He often procrastinates with whatever project he is thinking of.

Cod's little internet nook by Carter. They review RIPTA routes on a scale of 1 to 10 (similar to Miles in Transit). They're really knowledgable about what is happening at RIPTA, and they are a Rhode Island resident.

Classy Whale by Caleb. Caleb posts a great video every week, usually focusing on transit within Pennsylvania.

Selig's Trains and Travels by Selig. Selig is a bit far behind when it comes to uploading his videos, but he puts out entertaining videos about his adventures on public transit, usually in the Bay Area of California.

I hope you enjoy this blog!